Frequently asked questions

P. Pass, Alumni Relations Manager at University of Cambridge

I worked with Alexander as he established the University of St Andrews Alumni Club in Berlin. He was a dynamic presence, self-motivating to form a social and networking group of St Andrews alumni in the city. Following an initial proposal he quickly put together a strong online portfolio of website, social media and LinkedIn platforms to reach and market to prospective members. The first event was a big success, much of which was down to Alexander's clear communication plan and drive, in particular using social media to bring people together. I enjoyed working with Alexander to bring this project to life and look forward to seeing how it develops.

T. Schöner, Senior Patient Marketing Manager at Doctolib

I had the pleasure to work alongside with Alexander for nearly two years between April 2018 and December 2019, while I was working as Senior Country Performance Manager at Babbel and Alexander took perfect care of all SEO related topics for Central and Western Europe. In these two years he was steadily driving and growing the performance of our SEO campaigns with his great professionalism and huge knowledge about all varieties of SEO. In spring 2019 we launched a traveling campaign in Central Europe with the aim to create a more emotional brand perception and Alexander’s contribution is a great example of his creative and entrepreneurial mindset. Alexander is a great person and a huge source of SEO-knowledge that he is always willing to share. His team spirit and positive personality makes him huge fun to work with - with real impact on daily business as well as on on-top projects.

C. Hitchen, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Oetker Digital

I very much enjoyed working with Alex at Geschenkidee and found him to be an extremely capable SEO manager, combined with a good grasp of wider ecommerce. His enthusiastic demeanour means he'd be a great addition to any team. Working on multilingual sites across more than 10 countries, he was able to work quickly and efficiently on solving SEO issues both onsite and offsite. Whether content optimisation, internal linking, crawling & indexing, Alex was able to achieve high quality results on the areas we worked on together. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex in future!

L. Rudakova, Senior Growth Manager at Skyscanner

At foodpanda Alexander and I worked on two projects together: World Food Week 2016 and the development of SEO-editorial guidelines for foodpanda blogs. Alex showed great commitment to both of them and came across as a knowledgeable SEO professional, enthusiastic learner and a perfectly reliable, results-oriented team-player. Alexander's special talents lie in the area of content management and I believe he will make a most valuable addition to any creative and ambitious SEO team.

T. Escrucería, Head of Performance Marketing at Spotahome

I’ve been working with Alex for a few months now, and couldn’t be happier. Since the first moment he showed engagement in his projects, being open to work with other people, but independent enough to handle his own tasks. SEO can be abstract, and hard to get if you’re new to the field, but Alex started getting familiar with it all super quickly. He’s a great team member, team player, and really nice colleague!

M. Zatti, Head of Communications and PR at HolidayPirates Group

I've worked with Alexander at Babbel for more than 2 years and during this time I could enjoy his energy and professionalism. As a member of the PR team I was always very keen on collaborating more with other Departments which had shared interests with us. Alexander has always been extremely helpful: not only he thought of new ways about how to include PR from the beginning but he proactively came up with new ideas which served the Company very well. During the time we worked together, he also managed the communication with an external SEO agency and various departments at Babbel, showing true commitment and dedication, always aware of the common goal. I really enjoyed our time together at Babbel and I wish Alexander all the best in his future professional career!